Overwatch 2 esports team wins again


Photo via WIkimedia Commons

Baldwin’s esports team participates in Overwatch 2, a team based player vs. player game.

Kalonga Mwenda and Maddison Houser

Baldwin’s Overwatch 2 team kept its winning streak going by shutting out Shady Side Academy on Wednesday.

The Overwatch 2 team has started off its season with a five-game streak. The team had few problems in Wednesday’s game. 

“We had small issues in the start and got pushed back at first, but we cleaned up our act,” freshman Zachary Czapko said.

Coach Nathan Elias said Braden Parker played particularly well, “but everyone did well too.”

Elias agreed that the Highlanders dominated this match.

“We were always ahead,” Elias said. 

The team acknowledges that there are always things that they can work on. But as playoffs near, Baldwin feels the momentum of this win will push them forward.

“We feel very confident going into playoffs that we can go through with no problem,” Czapko said.