Opinion: Students should boost each other to push through school challenges


Evelyn Esek

Baldwin High School serves the Baldwin, Whitehall, and Baldwin Township communities.

Yariel Morales, Staff Writer

With the start of the fourth quarter upon the student body at Baldwin, mental health is something that has been affecting many in the school community.

As the third nine weeks concluded, students were doing the best they could with keeping up with grades, extracurriculars, and tests. Many students found themselves falling behind with schoolwork. 

Whether it is the “March curse,” as people on TikTok have called it, or simply stress as the school year continues to progress, it is real and it is here. So the question stands: what can a student do? 

Nobody can tell someone else what to do when it comes to such a fragile concept as mental health. But what every student can do as a member of our school community is to reassure and support one another. 

What every student can do as a member of our school community is to reassure and support one another.

There is a saying that goes, “Whatever you do, you have to do with real energy.” Everyone could use some energy from one another, and then everyone could feed off of that shared energy to move past these tough times. 

The school’s commitment to getting through these tough times is clearly present. Everyone as individuals could put a little more effort into reminding themselves and others that no one is alone, and that no matter what, these obstacles can be overcome.

Both teachers and parents need to recognize how important being understanding with their students needs to be. Learners today are pressured to do so many different things all while keeping up with expectations of perfection.

Nobody is ever truly perfect, of course. Understanding that the world just simply does not work like that will help people to grow for the collective good.