Opinion: Steelers will need draft picks to help fill holes


Photo via Brighterorange

Despite their win, the Steelers still struggle.

Zach Wiatrowski, Staff Writer

The Steelers’ media team posted a picture with the team’s two new offensive line signings in the free agency season, stating they were “Building the Pickett Fence.” But with the team building an offensive line in front of starting quarterback Kenny Pickett, they had to make some sacrifices.

The signings of Isaac Seumalo, who participated in last year’s Super Bowl, and Nate Herbig of Jets will bring some power to the team’s offensive line. While the offensive line improved, this left the team with some holes to fill, mainly in its secondary level defense. 

Throughout free agency the Steelers have lost a handful of players, with some of the key ones being Cameron Sutton, who went to the Detroit Lions, and Robert Spilane, who went to the Los Vegas Raiders. This leaves the team’s defense worse and it was already bad last year.

While key parts of the team on both offense and defense played relatively well, a team cannot have weaknesses throughout it, and that is what the Steelers had.

Pittsburgh’s defensive line last year had key pieces like Cameron Heyward and Larry Ogunjobi, The linebackers were strong thanks to a guy named T.J Watt. Sutton and Minkah Fitzpatrick also played key roles for the defense  

The offense had some key pieces with players like Najee Harris at running back, George Pickens at wide receiver, and Pickett at quarterback.

But the Steelers needed some help, with Kenny Pickett running for his life on most plays, and opponents running the ball straight through the defense.

The Steelers are going to have to fill most remaining holes with their draft picks. 

Joey Porter Jr out of Penn State would be a great fit. His father once played for the Steelers so there is tradition there. He is a lockdown cornerback and would help solve the problems the team has. This would also somewhat fill the role of Sutton and would save the team money because Porter would be on a rookie contract. 

The Steelers have picks 17, 32, 49, 80, 120, 234, and 241. So relying on the draft to solve problems would not be the worst idea.