Pop, rock fans should check out new album from Meg Myers

Meg Myers Tzia is one of her newest albums to date.

Image via Spotify

Meg Myers “Tzia” is one of her newest albums to date.

Arturo Gromo

The new album from Meg Myers, Tzia, is definitely worth checking out.

This album features many pop rock songs that will give listeners an energized rush.

Myers starts off the album with a song called “Children of Light II,” which gives off a futuristic feeling. It also sends a meaningful message with the lyrics about people standing up for their own rights and finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Me” and “I Just Wanna Touch Somebody” are other standouts. While “Children of Light II” is upbeat and fast-paced, “I Just Wanna Touch Somebody” is much slower and calming. 

Myers does a cover of the song “Numb” by Linkin Park and adds her own unique touch to it by adding new riffs and different tones.

Overall this is a really great album for fans of pop and rock. The songs create both upbeat and calming feelings, so the album can be listened to regardless of the listener’s mood.