Babymetal’s new album brings intense energy


Photo via. Wiki-Fandom

Babymetal has released a total of 21 albums that consist of metal and death metal.

Arturo Gromo, Staff Writer

Babymetal’s new album, The Other One, does not disappoint.

The Japanese Kawaii metal band has released a total of 21 albums.  This album features many metal and death metal songs that will make the listener want to start headbanging and rocking out.

The songs “Metal Kingdom” and “Divine Attack” are among the better songs on the album. Both songs are filled with crazy amounts of energy and impressive instrumental skills.

If the listener prefers heavy metal, songs like “Mirror Mirror” or “Maya” stand out.

Something to keep in mind while listening is to know that all the songs are not in English. The majority are written in Japanese, so a translator may come in handy.

The one negative thing about Babymetal’s new album is it can sound repetitive at times.

Overall this album is really good and is filled with a lot of catchy tunes. Rock or heavy metal fans should definitely give this album a try.