Jawny provides mindless summer bops

Jawny released an album in 2023 called Its Never Fair, Always True

photo via Jawny

Jawny released an album in 2023 called It’s Never Fair, Always True

Aria Majcher, Staff Writer

Jawny’s latest release, It’s Never Fair, Always True, offers the indie-pop a cute but repetitive sound. 

The “Honeypie” singer, along with most modern indie-pop artists, is notorious for creating mindless bedroom bops, and It’s Never Fair … is just that. As for the content of the album itself, the songs are fairly surface value and don’t serve to be particularly emotional or thought-provoking. 

However, there are a few stand-out tracks, such as “Adios,” which is perfect to sing along to with the windows down, and “Everything,” a lighthearted, coming-of-age track that inspires feelings of love and tranquility. 

The album also contains the track “Take it Back,” which features ’90s genre-hopping musician, Beck. 

It’s Never Fair … does produce a fun, spring-break vibe, and deserves a listen from those looking to curate the perfect summer playlist – especially one already containing artists like Dayglow, who create very similar sounds to Jawny. 

All-in-all, Jawny is a basic staple towards getting into the modern bedroom-pop scene, and the album is great for what it is. But those who aren’t super into the genre can miss out on this one.