Fidlar’s EP serves up goofy fun


Cover Art via Fidlar

That’s Life is the fifth EP from rock band Fidlar.

Eli Traud, Staff Writer

Underground rock band Fidlar’s  new EP, That’s Life, provides audiences with mindless fun. 

The EP is short, containing a total of six songs with a runtime of about 14 minutes. The first song, “Centipede”, is made up of mediocre and repetitive lyrics. However, the fun rock vibe of the track makes up for the sometimes corny lyricism. 

The standout track from the EP is the third song, titled “Sand on the Beach.” The song contains the strongest lyrics on the project and has a unique sound. The track focuses on a complicated relationship with a girl, which adds an emotional layer to the EP. 

There are multiple instances on the project where the instrumentals of the song overshadow the lyrics. This idea is especially evident on the track “Taste the Money,” where there are multiple instrumental breaks across the record. The guitars are powerful and create a strong vibe that is seen throughout the entire song. 

The title track, “That’s Life,’’ details negative aspects of life followed by the simple statement: “Well, that’s life.” The song has a unique message, but overall the lyricism on the track is pretty weak, which takes away from this idea. 

Overall, Fidlar’s That’s Life is by no means a masterclass in writing, but the rock elements and strong instrumentation make this an enjoyable listening experience.