Despite stress over dresses or dates, prom is worth it


Wikimedia Commons

High school proms are once in a lifetime, and are more than worth it to go.

Grace Spozarski, Multimedia Editor

Prom season: For some people, those two words are enough to create months worth of stress. Because of all the preparation, sometimes the true fun of prom can be lost in a swarm of thoughts like “Do I look good enough?” and “If I don’t have a date, I’m not going.” 

Still, it is worth it to go and experience this “in the movies” high school moment. It may go great, or it may go poorly; but it is better to regret going than not going. 

Finding the perfect dress seems to be one of the most common concerns for girls. Price is one of the biggest factors. Some people think that if it’s not expensive, it’s not a good quality dress. But that is wrong. In fact, I think if there is a dress that someone loves, and it’s cheaper, then that is the real win. 

Wanting people to like a dress is normal. But in all reality, you will be the one looking back at those prom pictures 20 years later, so why wear something you don’t like? Looking good is feeling good, and that is most important. 

Going with a group of friends can almost be better than going with a date.

The idea of having a date to prom is arguably one of the most controversial and stressful topics. Some people even say, “If I do not have a date, I am not going to prom.” As cheesy as it sounds, it is crucial to not allow the outlook of other people to affect a prom that is supposed to be yours. 

Going with a group of friends can almost be better than going with a date. Useless high school drama can overpower these nights that are meant to be solely for fun. If one big group goes together, there is less room for individual controversy. No one is worried about anyone in particular; everyone is there for themselves with the company of good people they want to be around. 

All in all, the prom experience is what you make it. It is worth it to go and experience something new.