Opinion: Rodgers finally looks like he’s leaving Green Bay


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers spurs rumors of his departure from the Green Bay Packers.

Connor Boros, Staff Writer

With NFL free agency starting just last week, many players have signed contracts or have been traded to new teams. But no player has been talked about more than Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

Since the 2021 off-season, rumors have spread that Rodgers would be traded by Green Bay, go to a new team in free agency, or retire from the NFL entirely – often spurred by statements from Rodgers himself. 

At the start of this offseason, Rodgers revealed that he would decide his playing future through a “darkness retreat” where he would be in a dark, isolated cabin for four days. Rodgers would later say that he went into his retreat with the idea of retiring but changed his mind afterward.

After a rough 2022 season with the Packers, in which the four-time MVP quarterback put up his worst quarterback rating since the 2006 season, Rodgers is likely done with Green Bay.

Among the many teams that could use a quarterback as talented as Rodgers, even with his age, there appears to be mutual interest between himself and the New York Jets.