AI makes artistic creation available to all

Brendan Harris, Staff Writer

The use of Artificial Intelligence, or “AI,” is a new and innovative way to express one’s creativity. Its popularity has exploded over recent years with artificial intelligence being more accessible and advanced than ever before. 

While many people criticize the use of artificial intelligence for creative purposes, it has done a great deal to benefit amateur artists, writers, and musicians alike. ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, and Dream are just a few of the many artificial intelligence programs that have been created in recent years for the purpose of creating art, music, and writing. 

AI is everywhere and accessible by nearly everyone with access to a computer. As a result, more people than ever have had the opportunity to express themselves, even if they are not very talented. 

Not everybody is a great artist, writer, or musician. However, this should not prevent people from being able to express themselves. AI fills in the gap between skill and imagination. The user comes up with the ideas and the software generates the result. 

Now, people don’t have to spend years learning how to play an instrument or learn to draw in order to create incredible creative works.

Also, because artificial intelligence programs mainly operate over the internet, they are extremely easy to use and cost-effective. 

At the very most, some AI programs have very small fees in order to use them. However, they are free to use for the most part. This helps contribute to their immense accessibility. Now, aspiring expressionists do not need expensive equipment or specialized facilities to create their masterpieces. 

There is also no need for users of AI to go to an art studio or music studio to create works. This allows for people who may live in locations without the necessary facilities or who are more financially challenged to have similar opportunities to experienced musicians or artists. 

The introduction of artificial intelligence programs has allowed the aspiring or casual musician, artist, or writer to create on a more equal playing field with those who are more experienced or wealthy. 

Many people all over the world suffer from disabilities that may hinder their mental and physical capabilities. This should not be a limitation for someone who wishes to create their own music, art, or writing. 

Artificial intelligence could allow people with disabilities who are unable to play an instrument, hold a paintbrush, or use a pencil to express themselves. They can tell the software their ideas and it will create a project with their original vision in mind. 

AI takes out the need for refined skill, which could be a barrier for those who suffer from disabilities. AI allows them to create works which can be on par with that of a professional. 

Artificial intelligence is a revolution for those looking to create expressive work but may lack the skills, money, or time required to compete with experienced professionals. For the first time, average people are now able to create impressive works of art, writing, and music easily. 

This is also possible for those who are disadvantaged or who may have disabilities. AI is art, music, and writing for the average person and has expanded the freedom of expression to many.