Opinion: Another ugly Pens loss raises doubts about playoffs


The Penguins have made early playoff exits for several years in a row. Image courtesy Pittsburgh Penguins

Max Pegher, Staff Writer

After the Penguins suffered a crushing 6-4 loss against the Montreal Canadians on Tuesday, fans have to be wondering about the team’s playoff situation.

Right now the Penguins have a playoff spot, but it is a very close race to stay in there. Some answers might be coming later this week, as the Pens face key back-to-back games against the Rangers.

The game on Tuesday started off rough for the Penguins, as they blew a two-goal early lead to end the first period down 4-2. Goalie Tristan Jarry was then pulled, and the Penguins came back, tying the game at 4-4.

But right as fans were getting hopeful that the team’s winning streak would reach three games, the Pens gave two more goals, resulting in the loss.

Fans now might be scared that the Penguins are going to go back on another losing streak, resulting in them not making the playoffs for the first time since 2005. It still looks hopeful for now, with the team having about a 92 percent chance of making it to the playoffs.

But those two upcoming games against the New York Rangers may impact that situation.

Something the Penguins could improve upon is their defense. After taking that early lead on Tuesday, the Penguins were lacking in good defense for the rest of the game.

Another big concern is Jarry, who has been pulled out of three games since he came back from his injury. What the Penguins could do is start the backup goalie, Casey DeSmith, for these games against the Rangers.

But even if that works this week, what will the Penguins do about the playoffs? Starting DeSmith might not work, and Jarry has not been doing well.

And even if the Pens do make the playoffs, how long will they stay there? Based on the season they have had so far this year, chances are they will be out in the first series, which would be disappointing to fans.