New Cyrus album sounds like summer


Photo via. Spotify

Miley Cyrus’s post-divorce album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ focuses on independent life.

Alyssa Thayer, Staff Writer

Endless Summer Vacation by Miley Cyrus is the perfect album to kick start the summer.

The album begins with Cryus’s lead single Flowers, which stands out because she uses the tune of her and Liam Hemsworth’s wedding song to create something that discusses her independence after the divorce. 

Though the first two songs set the stage for a post-divorce record, it focuses on more than just independent life. The majority of Cryrus’s lyrics revolve around being in love and wanting to stay with one person forever.

The overall sound of the record is upbeat and perfect for the upcoming summer season. It stays consistent with the exception of a melancholy song that is perfect for sad days. “Wonder Woman” is about falling apart while trying to stay strong and is arguably the best track because of the sound and lyrics. 

Cyrus also displays her strong vocals, which adds yet another layer of personalization to the record.