Webb writes songs about heartbreak that aren’t depressing


Photo via Spotify

Mimi Webb releases her debut album with upbeat pop songs.

Kristen Negley

The new album from Mimi Webb, Amelia, contains mostly upbeat songs that bring up past relationships and how she has grown as a person.
Mimi Webb is known for writing pop dance music, and this album is just that. Other music artists like to switch up the type of music they write, but Webb has stuck with what she knows best.
The title of Webb’s new album came from her birth name, Amelia. The song “Amelia” talks about her life and tells her younger self that everything will be fine. It is a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. It’s sweet how Webb talks to her younger self, as if she was listening.
“Last train to London” is one of the sadder songs in the album, compared to most of the songs with more upbeat background music to it. It is an exquisite song and may be the best one in the album. This song is perfect for screaming along to as well.
“Dumb Love” is not as good as compared to the other songs in the album. Webb’s voice sounds perfect with the beat, but the lyrics “dumb love” are too repetitive for this song to top any of the others.
This album is for listeners who like to listen to songs about heartbreak but don’t like sad, depressing-sounding songs.