New Uchis album brings a new sound


Photo via Spotify

Kali Uchis’s third studio album, ‘Red Moon in Venus’, provides listeners with elegant and powerful songs.

Fionna McKenzie, Staff Writers

Kali Uchis’s third studio album, Red Moon in Venus, provides listeners with elegant and powerful songs.

This album deals with themes of love, astrology, and divine femininity. Most of the songs have a groovy, upbeat tone compared to her previous albums.

“I Wish you Roses” celebrates the release of people in her life without being resentful or bitter. The song “Love Between…” deals with all the different sides of love and the chaos it can include.

Uchis features guest appearances by artists such as Omar Apollo, Don Toliver, and Summer Walker. All of the artists add great detail to her songs and mesh with her flow of the silky music.

This album is definitely slower than her other more upbeat albums, which means it might take fans awhile to get used to the sound.Overall, this album is worth listening to, and fans of powerful and captivating music should definitely give Red Moon in Venus a listen.