Hometown High Q competes in quarterfinals


Photo courtesy- Mr. Hoffman

Baldwin’s team consists of seniors Jacob Gallagher (left), Timothy Book, and Jayden Wisniewski.

Ava Bell and Maddison Houser

Baldwin’s Hometown High Q team competed in the quarterfinals on Wednesday, the furthest a team from Baldwin has advanced in recent years. 

The Highlanders competed against Belle Vernon and Ligonier Valley high schools. Results will not be announced until the episode airs on KDKA-TV on April 8.

Baldwin’s team consists of seniors Jacob Gallagher, Timothy Book, and Jayden Wisniewski – who also had claimed third place at a separate competition, CalcuSolve, on Wednesday before competing in Hometown High Q.

The team had a strategy going into the quarterfinals. 

“We used hand signs to tell each other what we thought we should do with the question,” Gallagher said. 

The team was concerned about answering questions incorrectly.

“I was so nervous,” Gallagher said. “It was just going in there and not making dumb mistakes.” 

Book, the team captain, felt confident even through the nervousness.

“I trust my team a lot, so I don’t think it puts as much pressure on me. We have a solid team,” Book said.

Wisniewski feels the team performed the best they could and worked hard.

“Being a part of the playoffs is a huge accomplishment,” Wisniewski said. 

The team struggled with topics such as literature and obscure explorers, but in rounds like “pics file” and “quick time round” they were more confident. 

The sponsor for the team, gifted coordinator Jared Hoffman, is proud of his team for making it to the quarterfinals.

“I’m extremely proud. They put forth a lot of effort in studying and obtaining academic knowledge,” Hoffman said.