Big changes come to `Grey’s Anatomy’ in new season


Photo via. IMDb

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama series that has been running since 2005.

Khadicha Kosimjonova, Staff Writer

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy picks up where the last season ended, with Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman coming back to work after fleeing the country, Meredith Grey being the interim chief, and Miranda Bailey on her peaceful break. But showrunner Shonda Rhimes mixes things up on the series, with Grey accepting a job in Boston and planning to leave behind Nick Marsch after they had gotten back together again. 

The new season also introduces a new set of interns for the new teaching program. The new interns are introduced to the viewers by Meredith giving a speech, and the tone directly parallels the speech Richard Webber gives in the very first episode in the series. 

Also, several episodes in, a few of the interns start living in the house where Grey and her intern classmates used to live. 

The new interns also have distinct personalities and ethnicities, further diversifying the show. By showcasing different ethnicities and religions, with various personality types, the show becomes very interesting to watch. Specifically, Derek Shepherd’s nephew and new intern, Lucas Adams, adds a lighthearted and wholesome aspect to the show. 

The surgeons and this new group of interns all reflect the reality of healthcare when they talk about empathy and the sad reality of surgery. This season the show especially focuses on serious issues, such as racism, abortion access, the misinformation about sex-ed, and mental health.

However, the new teaching program isn’t all great. The show is especially aggravating when the attendings infantilize the interns. This difference in teaching causes the show to lose its taste and makes it more boring than in previous seasons, where the teaching hospital is more brutal and dramatic.

Also, with Grey leaving the show, viewers notice that all of the original interns have left the series. Maybe this means the series is going to end soon. But either way, the show has lost its defining spark.