New season of `Outer Banks’ falls short

The Outer Banks season three premiered on Netflix in 2023.

photo via Netflix

The Outer Banks season three premiered on Netflix in 2023.

Ava Bell, Staff Writer

The binge-watching show of quarantine has come out with the newest adventures in treasure hunting and drama. Outer Banks season three was released last week and has already climbed its way to the number one show on Netflix. 

The fan-favorite characters are back again with some new faces appearing in the plot. 

After the loss of two treasures the pogues hunted for in seasons one and two, it is no surprise to find they are going after an even bigger prize, El Dorado. Viewers see the teens search for this treasure, while they fight the obstacles that stand in their way.

Although the initial treasure-hunting aspect is present, this new season is not as enjoyable as hoped. It lacks the original feeling that came from the first season.

The plot is scattered, which makes it difficult to follow during the first few episodes. Because the show is full of loose ends, detailed explanations are needed so viewers aren’t lost and uninterested. 

The season could have focused more on the main plot lines by slowing down, but instead, the show speeds up to fit more small plot lines.

The love interests are also not present. The first two seasons, fans obsessed over the characters’ love lives, but season three is more focused on fighting and action. 

The friends are thrown into struggles together and sometimes even separated. The personal character development lacks a deeper connection in the show. 

It is disappointing to see this popular show not deliver, but fans still can’t help but be excited for the new season.

After episode six, Outer Banks becomes the treasure-hunting show that fans know. The show has already been renewed for season four, and fans are hoping for a more fulfilling season with the original pogue and kook rival that took the show to the top.