Schoolwide lip dub planned for spring


Photo via. Anne Hampton

Senior Madison Benedict helps to plan a schoolwide lip dub.

Anne Hampton and Khadicha Kosimjonova

Baldwin aims to include all clubs, sports, and 1,600 students in an upcoming lip dub featuring a mashup of pop songs 

A lip dub is a video trend among schools that consists of having a camera pan through groups of students in the hallways as they lip sync to the music. TikTok, which started as a lip-syncing app, has helped in keeping lip dubs popular.  

The plan is to have the lip dub returning in April after a four-year hiatus with a mashup of songs that could include songs such as Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again,” Green Day’s “Time of your Life,” and One Republic’s “I Lived,” which was also used as Baldwin’s 2015 lip dub song. The Baldwin lip dub in 2019 was also a mashup of songs. 

Senior Madison Benedict, who is helping plan the event, wants to have all student teams and activities represent themselves using their uniforms, signs, and props. Each club will have a specific area to stand in as a camera pans through the students and moves down the hallways. 

Dr. Dan Harrold, acting vice principal, wants the whole school to be incorporated in the lip dub, including students who do not participate in a club or sport. 

“There will be a separate crowd in the gym for whoever doesn’t want to lip-sync, so unless you’re absent, you’re in it,” Harrold said. 

Benedict has been talking about the project with video production teacher Chris Tator for some time.

 “Mr. Tator and I were planning this for a couple of years and we finally decided to do it this year, as the window is open with no Covid regulations,” she said. 

Harrold suggested that students watch Baldwin’s previous lip dubs to build excitement and give them a better understanding of how this year’s lip dub will run.

“I would just tell people if they are excited about it, go watch the previous ones on YouTube. They’re both there – the 2015 one and the 2019 one – and get inspired,” Harrold said.