Ballerini explains her divorce in new album


Photo via. Spotify

Kelsea Ballerini makes music that fluctuates between country and pop.

Georgia Holbert, Staff Writer

Kelsea Ballerini’s new album, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, reveals her healing journey after hardships in her marriage.

Ballerini was raised in Tennessee, so her music fluctuates between country and pop. She has produced five studio albums; three of these albums are very heavy with a country accent and music style. The other two include classic pop songs, but her accent is still fairly apparent. 

Ballerini went through a divorce from her husband, singer Morgan Evans, last November. She writes about this relationship and separation throughout the whole album, especially featured in the song “Just Married.” 

She describes her life with Evans and the future they had planned together. The song “Penthousetalks about the home that she bought for herself, her husband and future kids. She explains how challenging it was for her to have to move out of that house, because it symbolized the relationship and everything they had wanted was over. 

Her voice blends well with the melody of her songs, but the lyrics are very simple and have no layers within the lines; rather, everything is straightforward. 

She also mentions her struggles with alcohol and depression during and after the relationship, and how she is now attempting to heal herself. 

Overall, the six-song album is an inspirational self-healing story, but could be more complex in the lyrics.