Fantasy series `Starry Love’ brings laughs


Photo via Newhanfu

The Starry Love is a chinese fantasy series that features comedy.

Simran Rijal, Staff Writer

The Starry Love is a Chinese fantasy series about twin sisters who get engaged to two princes to maintain peace between realms, but instead it leads to conflict for both of them.

Qing Kui and Ye Tan are twins sent to get married to the demon prince and heavenly prince, but Tan doesn’t want this for her sister, so she ignites chaos. In the confusion that follows, the twins end up switching carriages and end up engaged to the wrong prince.

With each sister now in an unexpected realm, they have to act like their twin to avoid suspicion. They also need to maintain the peace between the two realms.

The plot of the 40-episode series so far is clear, but there likely will be a few twists waiting in the future for these twins, keeping viewers curious as to how the rest will unfold.

The encounters Tan and Kui have with the princes and the rest of the characters are hilarious, and their moments on the screen will bring smiles to viewers.

The series doesn’t waste much time with subplots. Most of the action centers around the main point – the sisters.

This drama releases one episode every day and can be seen on Drama Cool.