‘All Quiet’ film adaptation has flaws


Photo via Netflix

‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ is a good war film but not a perfect adaptation of the novel.  

Yariel Morales, Staff Writer

All Quiet on the Western Front is a good war film but not a perfect adaptation of the novel.  

The movie depicts the reality of soldiers’ lives and their struggles during the WWI era, as it follows the gripping experience of a few young soldiers who enlist in the war but do not manage to make it out. 

The movie mainly focuses on Paul Bäumer, played by Felix Kammerer, and his experiences throughout the war. The film also shows the horror and traumatic events lived by these soldiers. 

While the movie does a decent job of telling the story, there are aspects that are missing. Many of the events and details contained in the book are not found in the film’s adaptation, making it feel almost rushed. 

This film provides a particularly different visual representation of the book’s writings. Still, it lacks details that are key to delivering the full story, meaning that viewers who have not read the book will miss out on a lot. 

Fans of All Quiet on the Western Front might not necessarily like this movie adaptation, as it misses critical factors of the book’s structure, thus making it ineffective in delivery.