Unified Bocce defeats Thomas Jefferson


Evelyn Esek

The Unified Bocce Team competes in the winter sport season.

Kenzie Hirt and Leila Usanovic

The Baldwin unified bocce team defeated Thomas Jefferson in double overtime Tuesday.

“The team did pretty good overall. Both teams lost our first matches, but we were able to come back and win,” junior Rylee Glus said.

Junior Kelsi Boyd thinks both the Baldwin teams performed well, with some standouts among them.

“Alex Jones was able to knock the opposing teams out of play to get points. Brendan Karnes also helped us get through overtime,” she said.

Glus said junior Bri Rodgers did really well and “had some really good rolls.”

Both of the teams are 3-2 right now. They still have two more matches, and Glus said they are hoping to win them and make it to the playoffs.

“It feels really good to be on the first unified bocce team and be able to experience some wins,” Glus said. “The people are the best and it’s a really good experience.”

The next match is tomorrow against Bethel Park for their Senior Rec.