Indoor track and field members advance in personal endeavors

Zach Wiatrowski, Staff Writer

Baldwin track and field members looked to advance in personal endeavors during Snowball weekend. 

Many of the athletes were out this weekend because of participation in the Snowball dance, giving openings to opportunities to the younger athletes. 

Freshman Tanner Zalar was able to make his mark in the mile and the relay race this weekend. 

“Around half of the team were out giving me the chance to run,” Zalar said. His personal best is 5:45. He managed to stay relatively the same with a 5:55 this week.

He also participated in the 4×800 meter relay, alongside seniors Philip Pegher and Andrew Barrett, and sophomore Andrew Winschel. making a 9:25 run with his teammates.

Winschel also got a chance to compete in the open events, with a 2:20 minute 800-meter run and a 59.95 minute 400-meter dash. 

“It was good to get an opportunity to run,” Winschel said, after participating in the two events.

The team’s next meet is at Edinboro University, on February 11.