Lil Yachty’s new album “Let’s Start Here.” underwhelms


Photo via Anton Mak via Wikimedia Commons

Lil Yachty’s “Let’s Start Here.” provides an underwhelming psychedelic rock experience.

Sean Galentine, Staff Writer

Lil Yachty’s new album Let’s Start Here. provides an underwhelming psychedelic rock experience for listeners.

The newest installment in Lil Yachty’s discography portrays a new side of Yachty’s musical ability that has not been seen before, but was hinted at in his song “Breathe Deeper” with Tame Impala.

Let’s Start Here. features beautiful and unique production that has not been notable on any of Yachty’s prior albums. Instead of his usual rap songs, his first mixtape Lil Boat chose to focus on a much more neo-psychedelia approach that is extremely hit or miss.

Many other vocal talents are present on the album, such as Teezo Touchdown, Justine Skye, Fousheé, Diana Gordon, and Daniel Caesar. All of these people easily outperform Yachty when they are present. It becomes clear, pretty quickly, that Yachty is the least talented out of the people he’s brought together.

 In fact, Yachty’s vocals are so poor and distorted that multiple songs on the album are rendered almost entirely unlistenable. Examples of this include “the BLACK seminole.”, “pRETTy”, and “WE SAW THE SUN!”. 

Multiple times on the album, Yachty abandons the constructs of language altogether and makes mind-numbing noises in place of lyrics. While these short sections do not entirely ruin songs, they are definitely jarring to listeners who previously experienced a smooth and calm experience. 

At times, it can be hard to decide if Lil Yachty has too much autotune or not enough. 

This album does have some ups to cover for the downs, however. The closing track “REACH THE SUNSHINE” shows the listener what the entire album could have been like, and gives them hope for the future of Lil Yachty in this genre. As of now, though, Lil Yachty’s vocals are not nearly at the level of his production. 

Some other highlights include “running out of time”, “drive ME crazy!”, and “THE zone~”.

Any song on this album with a feature is good for the most part, except for “pRETTy”. This is entirely because of Lil Yachty and should not reflect negatively on Fousheé’s verse. Lil Yachty’s vocals are reminiscent of his joke song “Poland”, which significantly lessens the experience.

In general, this album is okay and has high hopes, as Lil Yachty continues to experiment with this style of music. The songs are very hit or miss, and many will either consider this album one of Yachty’s best or one of the worst he has ever released.