Dog Gone brings sentimental story


David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

Dog Gone made $15 million on it’s box office debut weekend.

Emily Nowicki, Club Member

Dog Gone, based on a true story, shows a heartwarming connection between a young man and his dog. 

Dog Gone is a biographical drama film about a boy named Fielding Marshall, played by Johnny Berchtold, who adopts a dog named Gonker while he is in college.

Returning home from college, Fielding’s parents, John Marshall, played by Rob Lowe, and Ginny Marshall, played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley, originally disagree with the idea of Fielding having a dog until they also build their own bond with Gonker. 

Fielding and his friend Nate, played by Nick Peine, were walking Gonker when he chased after a fox and didn’t return. Gonker has Addison’s disease, which requires a shot every month to survive, meaning they were limited in the amount of time they had to find Gonker.

The Marshall family sets out to find Fielding’s beloved dog before it is too late. The love they all have for Gonker, along with Dog Gone being based on a true story, adds sentimental value to the movie due to the fact that many people have animals they care deeply about.

Berchtold does a good job of portraying his character; his emotions throughout the film really help to capture a boy’s love for his dog. 

Along with Berchtold, Lowe also does a nice job, as his facial expressions throughout the movie allow the viewers to really interpret the feelings and emotions of the Marshall family. The actors and the plot in Dog Gone come together to create a touching story, making the film a must-watch for the whole family.