League of Distortion’s new album offers accessible, feminist music


Photo courtesy Napalm Records

League of Distortion’s self-titled and first album was released in 2022.

Rachael Bonneau, Staff Writer

League of Distortion’s self titled debut album offers powerful feminist metal in a music scene historically dominated by men.

The realm of popular metal music is dominated by male fronted bands, yet vocalist Anna “Ace” Burner is calling for the women of the scene to rise up.

The album opens with the track “Wolf or Lamb,” to set up the ideals of challenging the systems of power and the listener’s compliance with those systems for the rest of the record.

As the album progresses, League of Distortion focuses more specifically on challenging the patriarchy and sexism within alternative music spheres.

In the song “Rebel by Choice,” Burner challenges the apparent subordination of women. The band is challenging the idea that “we are born this way, simply to obey” in a call for women to rise up and “rebel.”

The band’s sound is nothing revolutionary. They mix synths with more classical instrumentals and vocals creating a prime example of the modern alternative sound.

Their sound is very accessible for those who aren’t very familiar with metal music. Overall, anyone who has an interest in feminist ideals in music should consider giving it a listen.