Anticipation, family time make Christmas Eve the best

Jacob Staley, Sports Editor

Christmas is one of those holidays where it is not just a one-day celebration, but one that lasts a season. It cannot be confined to just one day because of how worldwide the holiday is, but if one day perfectly describes the Christmas feeling, it is Christmas Eve.

For kids, Christmas Eve is the day that they try to get to bed as soon as they can so Santa can bring them all the presents they asked for. 

But as kids try to fall asleep, the excitement builds and they cannot sleep. That feeling is unlike any other: Knowing that in a few hours, everyone will open a whole lot of new toys.

Christmas Eve is a day when families bake cookies for Santa and spend almost all day together in preparation for Christmas day. The feelings associated with this day are the best ones experienced during the holiday.

Christmas is a great day as well. Kids get to try on all the new clothes they got and play with all the new things they got. But outside of that, it’s actually nothing much. Christmas just is underwhelming after the first couple of hours.

In my family, we all get together on Christmas Eve to celebrate with each other. Christmas is more of a day for going to church and talking to friends about all the gifts you received.

Growing up, everyone thinks Christmas is the greatest day of their lives. But as kids get older and want clothes rather than toys, it unfortunately becomes more of just a shopping spree rather than gift giving. 

This is really a topic that depends heavily on each person’s family traditions. Some families celebrate on Christmas Eve, some on Christmas, and some on both. 

Meanwhile, people have seemed to have forgotten the real celebration of Christmas and have just turned it into a gift-giving celebration rather than a celebration of Jesus’ birth.