For Simcho, math is a process that requires dedication

December 9, 2022


Mandy Wu

Math teacher Thomas Simcho has been teaching at BHS for 23 years.

Math teacher Thomas Simcho almost studied to become a Spanish teacher.

“I had a Spanish teacher who had a big impact on me, and I enjoyed Spanish. But my dad persuaded me to go the other way” and study math, Simcho said.

Simcho said he thought it would be a more practical degree to fall back on if teaching did not work out. He likes the sequential nature of math and the challenge that it presents.

“The problem is too many people think it is about the final answer, when in actuality it is the process,” Simcho said.

Simcho often stays after school to help students who are struggling, or who just want more practice.

“The more time you put into it, the better you are probably going to be at it,” Simcho said.

Simcho holds students to a high standard because it is what he has been taught his entire life.

“If you are going to do something, you do it at your best,” Simcho said

Simcho also has coached a variety of sports teams, including baseball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, and football. Baseball is Simcho’s favorite sport to both coach and play.

“I see baseball as a game of chess. It is a team game, but individual at the same time,” Simcho said.

Simcho believes that sports teach many lessons, like teamwork, failure and success. But the most important thing about sports is the friends athletes make along the way.

“Those relationships that you build over the years, that is really why you do it,” Simcho said.

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