Deemer helps guide seniors in interview project

December 9, 2022


Alisha Katel

Social studies teacher Richard Deemer has been at Baldwin for 26 years.

Social studies teacher Richard Deemer has seen some changes over the years in the Society and Careers class he teaches, and the associated senior interview project, which he now helps run.

“We used to have marriage and family courses and regular government classes,” Deemer said. “The class I teach, Society and Careers, has undergone many changes.”

One of those changes came in response to a state requirement.

“We used to require volunteer hours, then the state wanted career readiness,” Deemer said. “So we introduced career mentoring instead.”

Society and Careers helps students prepare for their interview project, one of the biggest events of the year for seniors. Among the concepts covered by the class are career research, personal budgets, investments, and preparation for an interview with a panel of staff and community members.

Baldwin introduced the project to give seniors experience interviewing and feedback on how the interview went. Deemer has been helping lead the project for the past four years.

“I think it’s very important that the seniors know what a real interview is like,” Deemer said. “They come here professionally dressed and their nerves are to the ceiling, but they come out feeling successful.”

Deemer, who has been teaching for 26 years, believes his perspective on teaching has changed since he had his own children.

“Having kids makes you work harder because you want their own teachers to do a good job,” Deemer said. “Why not put that same effort in for other students’ parents as well?”

He recognizes that teaching is a job that requires adaptability, which was definitely the case during the high school renovation.

“History classes were put in the small gym, separated by partitions. You could hear exactly what was going on in the next room,” Deemer said.

Deemer helped start the girls lacrosse program at the high school in 2004. He was an assistant coach for four years and then took over the program, coaching until 2016.

“I love the connections that you make with your athletes,” Deemer said. “Seeing them grow and then talking with them about the good old days is heartwarming.”

Since Deemer started teaching, he believes that he has learned from his mistakes and grown as a teacher.

“I think I’ve grown in content and knowledge. I’ve found new ways to teach and direct students in a way that makes class interesting,” Deemer said.

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