Valorant esports team wins in first round of playoffs


Valorant is a first person shooter, that was released in 2020. Photo via Riot Games

Kalonga Mwenda and Maddison Houser

Baldwin’s Valorant esports team won 2-1 against New Hope High School in the first round of playoffs on Wednesday.
Freshman Dylan Leonhardt said it was a tight match, with New Hope pushing the match to the full three games.
“It was one of our first three-game series,” he said. “Most of our games so far have been sweeps. It was definitely challenging.”
Senior Ethan Holmes played exceptionally well during the match, Leonhardt said.
“He was aiming really well, had a few good pushes, and played well overall,” Leonhardt said. “He was the controller, which is one of the most important positions because it essentially stops the other team’s push.”
The team’s next opponent, Central Bucks South, may be a challenge, considering their undefeated record.
“It’s going to be very difficult since their overall skill is higher than ours, so we’ll have to play around that,” junior Annan Gurung said.
Leonhardt agreed.
“They’re one of the only undefeated teams in the whole esports thing. It will be a tough match since last time we played them we got swept. We’ll need to be on top of our game,” he said.