Benton, well known on football field, makes his mark at bowling lanes as well


Photograph via Ava Bell

Senior Bobby Benton plays for Baldwin’s football and bowling team.

Ava Bell and Amanda Booth

Bobby Benton is a well known football player, but he’s also a longtime bowler who is in his fourth and final year on Baldwin’s team. 

Bowling gives Benton a new perspective to sports that football cannot give, he said. His bowling experience has not only bettered his sportsmanship but his social skills as well. 

“It’s given me exposure to many groups in a close setting. Playing against other schools isn’t like football, where there isn’t much talking going on,” Benton said. “At bowling, you sit on the same lanes as your opponent and talk during the match. It allows you to introduce yourself to people you usually wouldn’t.” 

When Benton was younger, he was inspired to bowl because of watching his dad play in a bowling league. At about 9 years old Benton started to bowl, and he began to take things more seriously once he became 11. 

“My dad inspired me to bowl because he has always been in a league and used to take me down with him,” Benton said. “I’d always watch him and want to be a part of it.”

He joined Baldwin’s bowling team during his freshman year and continued playing for the team throughout his years of high school. 

“I was about 10 years old when I first joined a bowling league and ever since then I’ve been pretty good at it. So in my nature of competitiveness I joined the team freshman year,” Benton said.

Benton said he has reached a score of 279 twice, which is not that far from a perfect 300 game. The sport offers its own challenges, he said.

“Wanting to be successful comes with being able to control your emotions when you get a bad break, and sometimes that can be difficult,” Benton said. 

Benton also has formed friendships with many of his teammates. There are 10 team members and they meet up to practice every Sunday. 

“My favorite thing about bowling is the people that I get to spend my time with,” Benton said.

Senior Nick Faust joined the bowling team this year, yet has already seen the impact Benton has had. 

“He motivates other people on the team,” Faust said. “He always finds a way to give good advice or lift you up when you do something wrong.”

Senior Nolan Malloy has been on the bowling team with Benton since freshman year. He said the bowling team has progressed and so have Benton’s bowling skills since their freshman year.

“There was a close match a couple years ago and we managed to pull through because of Bobby’s skills,” Malloy said. 

Benton plans to play football in college while studying physical therapy. Although Benton is not pursuing bowling after high school, he is going to miss his team and the competition. 

“It’s definitely been something that I’ve loved being a part of,” Benton said.