Williams testifies at U.S. Senate hearing on supporting mental health


Brooklyn Williams testified in front of Congress about mental health on Wednesday.

Eli Traud, Staff Writer

Senior Brooklyn Williams got the opportunity of a lifetime on Wednesday when she got the chance to testify in front of Congress. 

Williams testified at a hearing on Supporting Mental Health in the Transition from High School to College to the Senate subcommittee on children and families. She had been selected to appear as a witness by Sen. Robert Casey because of an article in the Pittsburgh City Paper about her starting the Chill Club at Baldwin. 

“I was asked to speak by Senator Casey’s team after they read an article about me that was published in January,” Williams said. 

In addition to starting Baldwin’s Chill Club, Williams also works with PA Youth Advocacy Network on mental health in teens. 

“I gave a testimony talking about my experience with mental health and what I believe we could improve on in school and communities today,” Williams said. “ I was nervous but also very excited because I was one of four witnesses and the other three were doctors”. 

Williams not only got the chance to meet politicians like Casey, but she also learned about the importance of using her voice. 

“This experience taught me that there are lots of people that want to listen to your story and that your voice is important. If you want change, you have to be the change,” Williams said.