Thaiboy Digital returns with an even better sound


Creative Commons CC via Wikimedia Commons

Thaiboy Digital released his album Back 2 Life on October 19, 2022.

Ethan Stock, Staff Writer

After spending three years with very little involvement in his Drain Gang collective and music in general, Swedish rapper Thaiboy Digital is back and he hasn’t lost his touch. 

With his new album Back 2 Life, Thaiboy has improved his sound significantly by upping his production quality. He has also brought Yung Lean and Bladee back onto the album; however, it seems he’s forgotten about Ecco 2k entirely.

Ecco and Thaiboy have collabed on multiple albums and overall have an amazing sound together, yet on Back 2 Life Ecco is missing. Despite the missing Ecco 2k features, Back 2 Life is still an impressive project nonetheless. Some of Thaiboy’s highest peaks in production appear on this album. 

Some of the most standout songs on this album are “All the Way,” “Angel,” and “The Kingdom.” Those three tracks contain the best production on the album and best vocals from Thaiboy alongside Yung Lean and Bladee. 

Back 2 Life is an overall impressive project in general and shows that even with a nearly 4 year break from music Thaiboy can still perform like he never left.