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The debate between whether books or movies are better has been a hot topic in media.

Pro/Con: Which is better: Books or movies?

November 21, 2022

Novels build anticipation with every page

Movies may seem like the easier option when looking for entertainment, but books present way more of an immersive experience.

Books encourage readers to have their own interpretation of the story. There is no visual aspect to them; therefore, all of it has to be imagined. The plot, characters, and setting are entirely up to one mind. This allows fans to envision what the characters look and sound like or where the plot takes place. The personal interpretation creates a unique experience.

A novel can be entertaining for more than just a short time. Movies are usually about two hours long, while books can lead to days of enjoyable reading. This builds excitement and anticipation with every page turn. Rather than a scene that only lasts a few short minutes, reading can be kept at any speed and gives time for the reader to fully absorb and appreciate the story.

When books are adapted into movies, novels are far more descriptive. Movies are faster paced and not every element of the plot or setting can be captured on screen. In books, every last detail is crafted onto the page, elevating every event that happens. In film, if viewers don’t have their full attention to the screen, anything can be easily missed. No matter how accurate filmmakers can be, it is nearly impossible to squeeze hundreds of pages into one movie.

Additionally, actors are a key part to every film, but a mediocre cast can certainly leave fans dissatisfied. In films, if the actor can’t play the part, it’s hard to enjoy what’s being watched. However, in novels, the characters’ every expression and action is meticulously written, so fans can visualize their own ideas about the characters without bad actors getting in the way.

On the other hand, not all movies are adapted from books. With these films, what’s seen on screen is essentially the only version the audience can visualize. With books, there are endless possibilities to world building.

Although movies can sometimes be better than books, this is hardly ever the case. Books don’t need to be made into movies, and movies simply can’t be held to the same high standard as books.

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Films bring scenes to life, create memories with friends

For years, many people considered books to be superior to movies, but today that is no longer true.

Film is a universal experience. Seeing the same movie with friends lets viewers look back on the experience and the fun they had. Going to a theater will never get old, since it’s a great way to bond with people no matter your opinion of the film.

Books are different. It’s not considered a fun activity to sit around in the same room for hours with friends, staring at text on a page in silence. Watching a movie is an activity everybody can enjoy together.

All book fans are able to recall their favorite movie, and quite possibly their top three. Film fans, on the other hand, can have some difficulty naming a book they read for fun. The majority of teens are not up to date with the latest and most popular authors – and that shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. Books are just too long; a lengthy book is difficult to fit into a busy schedule.

Nobody imagines scenes in books the way they are shown in movies. Movies are more visually stimulating; cinematography is what brings a story to life. It’s easy to look back on a specific scene in a movie with great detail, but it’s difficult to recall a specific scene in a book unless it is a pivotal moment in the book.

But the question stands: Why are so many movies made from books? The answer is simple. Books need to be brought to life for an enjoyable experience. Films like Fight Club and American Psycho are two films trending online recently that were based off of books. The movies are what brings their book counterpart so much popularity nowadays.

People tend to say “the book was better,” but they fail to realize that so many different components go into filmmaking. Creating a film from a book is a tricky task, since it requires a careful trimming of unnecessary details from the book for the film adaptation.

For readers, books require more imagination to make the story entertaining. In comparison, it takes teams of people and millions of dollars to create a good film. Actors work hard to make a story come to life for viewers to enjoy. The work that goes into scenes on the big screen needs to be recognized.

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