Joji serves up more calming R&B songs


Photo via Spotify

Joji’s new album was released in November of this year.

Amanda Booth, Multimedia Editor

Joji’s great new album, Smithereens, consists of his usual calming music style that fans love.  

The album has a unique feel to it and is definitely one of his best albums in terms of lyrics. There are many great songs like, “Glimpse of Us,” “Before The Day is Over,” and “Yukon (Interlude).” 

“Glimpse of Us” not only has soothing vocals and a nice beat but also a great story behind it that provides relatability for many listeners. The song originally blew up on TikTok, which caused it to be overplayed, but ultimately it remains one of the best songs from this album. 

“Before The Day Is Over” has a very calming sound throughout it that makes it unique. The lyrics could be considered relatable and the beat is well done. 

“Yukon (Interlude)” consists of a calm yet interesting beat and soft lyrics. There are nice editing touches done throughout the song with a lyrical echo and repetition, which makes for a cool effect. 

Overall, Joji has yet again made another hit album that all R&B and soul enthusiasts can enjoy.