Administration to meet with students to discuss dress code


Evelyn Esek

The dress code has been a topic of conversation since a September protest.

Asmita Pokharel, Leila Usanovic, and Mandy Wu

The administration plans to begin meeting with students to discuss dress code concerns, Supt. Dr. Randal Lutz said at the school board meeting on Wednesday.

Senior school board representative Taslima Chapagai asked school directors at the meeting if there had been any further discussion of student concerns about the dress code, which had led to a protest outside the main office on Sept. 16.

“We would like to sit down with students and get this issue resolved,” Lutz said. 

Principal Shaun Tomaszewski said today that he first plans to have a series of meetings with students to gather a wide sample of student opinions.

“The students will be chosen randomly and will be pulled into these conversations during lunch,” Tomaszewski said. 

He said he hoped to start these conversations later this month. Faculty members also will be involved in the school’s dress code discussion, he said.

“Dr. Lutz wants to be roped into these conversations and will work with us to develop any sort of board-level presentation,” which likely would happen early in the new year, Tomaszewski said.

Chapagai said she was happy that administrators will be listening. 

“I think that it is a big step that we as a community are taking to help this issue at hand. Not only will it help students this year, but it will also alleviate any issues that could arise in the years coming,” Chapagai said. 

Junior Ariel Michael, who spoke at the dress code protest, also is glad that the administration wants to listen to students.

“It allows students’ voices to be heard since there isn’t a lot of student input in the dress code now,” Michael said.

Chapagai said she would like to see several dress code issues discussed.

“I think they will address the midriffs and the length of low-cut shirts,” Chapagai said. 

Michael also thinks changes should be made. 

“I believe the dress code should be updated and modernized. Students should be directly involved in the conversation around the dress code,” Michael said.