Rocket League team remains undefeated


Photo via Psyonix Studios

Baldwin’s Rocket League team has its first loss against North Catholic.

Amanda Booth and Simran Rijal

Baldwin’s undefeated esports Rocket League team beat Avonworth High School 3-0 on Wednesday, moving the team’s record to 5-0. 

Rocket League is a video game that resembles a game of soccer played with cars. The game requires players to juggle various roles.

“You have to play defense, then do a counterattack, all the while communicating with your team members,” senior Dylan Stone said.
Stone said Avonworth started the game missing one player.

“They were short-handed, but when they did get their third player, we still beat them. They were able to hold up, but we still beat them,” Stone said.

The team meets up twice a week to practice to improve their skills.

 “Usually on Mondays we practice an hour or two and Wednesday an hour, then the game lasts half an hour,” Stone said.

During these practices they attempt to improve the overall team effort by familiarizing themselves with each other’s playing styles. 

“By getting more comfortable with the team, we do better playing together,” senior Mark Migale said.