Esports Valorant team loses to TJ


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Valorant is a first person shooter, that was released in 2020.

Asmita Pokharel and Tumi Ojo

Baldwin’s esports Valorant team lost to Thomas Jefferson 2-1 on Tuesday.

Despite the loss, Head Coach Nathan Elias commended the players for playing through difficulties.

“We had some good entries and played the rounds well, but we definitely struggled with securing and finishing the rounds off,” Elias said. “The other team overpowered us by keeping their cool and playing their post-plants and retakes well.”

Elias said junior Rosepun Tiwari stood out for Baldwin. As for the future, Elais thinks the team needs to work on communicating and coordinating with one another.

Junior Annan Gurung said the team will learn to deal with adversity.

“During the game we had some very strong individual performances, but when we started losing a bit, we lost coordination,” Gurung said.

He is confident the team will work out those issues.

“As the season goes on, the team is getting to know each other,” Gurung said. “We are going to be working out our issues together.”

The loss brings the team’s record to 2-3 overall.