Esports Valorant team loses to Central Bucks


Photo via Riot Games

Valorant is a first person shooter, that was released in 2020.

Seth Franco and Brendan Harris

The esports Valorant team lost to Central Bucks South 2-0 on Thursday.

Valorant’s matches occur in a best-of-three format. Baldwin’s team lost the first two matches, resulting in a loss.

Despite the loss, Head Coach Nathan Elias thought the team played well, and he was not disappointed in their performance.

“In the first game, Ethan Holmes did great. In the second, Annan Gurung did the best out of anyone,” Elias said.

Elias was also happy with how close the game was, especially given that most of the players on the opposing team were higher-ranked than Baldwin’s players.

“Looking at the other team’s individual skill ratings, they were much higher than ours. I’m happy that we played them as close as we did,” Elias said.

Elias also said that the team did a good job of playing to their individual strengths and communicating to overcome the skill differences.

However, Elias thought that the team needed to work on their planning and teamwork skills. Sometimes the team would split up across the map when it would have been more helpful for them to be in the same area.

“At certain points, we weren’t playing together as well as we could’ve. There were moments when our players were stuck in a 1v1 standoff, when it could’ve been a 2v1. The other team had great aim and they were skilled. We’ll keep improving,” Elias said.

The loss brings the team’s record to 2-2 overall. Their next game is against Thomas Jefferson on Tuesday.