Nothing More stays angry, delivers edgier sound on new album


Cover Art via Better Noise Music

Spirits, the seventh studio album from Nothing More, was released in October 2022.

Rachael Bonneau, Club Member

With the release of Spirits, Nothing More has started to mature into their modern punk rock sound.

The band has struggled with its sound in the past, but found success with the hits off of The Stories We Tell Ourselves, “Let ‘em Burn” and “Go To War.” Their new album focuses on the same socio-political commentary found in those songs.

Because of their strong world beliefs, the band alienates those who disagree with them as a potential audience. However, it is a calculated choice based on their intended audience.

“Turn It Up Like (Stand In The Fire)” is a call to action that opens the record with massive amounts of energy. The band is criticizing how the media influences people’s lives and mental health, calling for people to stay mad about it.

Nothing More develops an edgier, harder sound than their earlier albums, and it suits the band well. The mixture of voiceover and more metal-leaning instrumentals holds to the band’s love for storytelling, but in Spirits, they stick to real-world situations.

The album has a continuous social commentary on the “fakes” in society. Nothing More is advocating for calling out those who lie for personal gain because “every half truth will be half wrong some day.”

Nothing More elevate their anger in Spirits, creating an album with clear direction and ingenuity.