Lil Baby again proves that you can skip any project of his


Cover Art via Quality Control Music

It’s Only Me, the third studio album from Lil Baby, was released in October 2022.

Sam Tobiczyk, News Editor

It’s Only Me, the third studio album from Atlanta rapper Lil Baby, proves that his one-note delivery won’t get him anywhere in the rap game.

Lil Baby has been one of the more popular rappers currently working, a fact that defies all logic. His previous albums, 2018’s Harder than Ever and 2020’s My Turn, have been some of the most generic trap records of the past five years.

And what doesn’t help this is Baby’s flow. Every single song he has, every song he is featured on, has the exact same vocal performance. You could swap out a verse from any of his songs for any other song of his.

It is remarkable that Lil Baby has found the success he has with a vocal tone that sounds like he’s reading a paragraph to the class.

Take “Pop Out,” the third track from this new album. Baby has the same delivery that he has on any other track, but featured on this song is rapper Nardo Wick, who is known for his unique flow and breathy style.

Some people might find this style grating. But after listening to only two songs of Lil Baby’s monotonous delivery, Wick’s vocals come across like a medium-rare steak after not eating for a week.

It is astonishing how a rapper with no personality can ruin a song so easily.

The production on this album isn’t even bad for a trap LP. In fact, it’s pretty decent. Songs like “Everything,” “Top Priority,” and “In A Minute” have varied and interesting production. It really is too bad that Baby’s bars make these tracks borderline unlistenable.

Listening to It’s Only Me is astoundingly dulling to the mind. With the album coming in at just over an hour, not a minute is wasted creating one of the most drab records released this year.