Elite NFL QBs changing the way the game is played


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen dominated in his team’s win on Sunday.

Nico Macurak, Staff Writer

Josh Allen dominated in a Buffalo win against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. This provided even more evidence why Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and how he is part of a group of elite quarterbacks changing the way the game is played.  

Some of the other quarterbacks revolutionizing the game are Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Justin Herbert.  These guys are performing so well because they all have a common trait: They can all move around and get out of the pocket.  

Coaches are able to trust guys like them so much that they are opening up their playbook more for them. This is also what causes these teams to be successful and win games. If the coaches can call any play they want because they know their QB can turn it into a great play, then the team is going to score points and win games. 

There has been significantly less rushing in the NFL over the past couple years, and there have been fewer big power running backs coming out of draft classes in recent years. This is probably because so many offenses – like the Chargers and the 49ers – use their running back in the passing game more than the running game. 

This past week the Bills played the Chiefs. It showed how much the game has changed because there were safeties for both teams playing 20 to 30 yards off the ball – since they know what the quarterback they’re playing against can do. 

There is a common theme with teams in the NFL: If the team doesn’t have a star quarterback, then the team is probably struggling right now. For example, on the Washington Commanders, quarterback Carson Wentz hasn’t done much of anything all year. This has caused the Commanders to be 2-4 and last in their division.