Esports Valorant team shuts out Shadyside in first game of season


Photo via Riot Games

Valorant is a first person shooter, that was released in 2020.

Seth Franco and Brendan Harris

The esports Valorant team shut out Shadyside Academy on Wednesday, winning its first game of the season.

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person shooter game where one team attacks by attempting to plant a bomb called a “spike” while the defending team tries to disarm it. If a team is wiped out before the spike is planted, it results in a victory for the other team.
Junior Annan Gurung said the match was a strong start to the new team’s first season.

“We did a great job at staying coordinated and communicating with each other. We had a strategy set up for every map, which I think helped us succeed,” Gurung said.

Gurung said senior Ethan Holmes had an outstanding performance in the match.

Despite the positive result, Gurung thinks that the team still has room for improvement to work towards for future matches.

“At times, we were overconfident and ended up making some sloppy mistakes. The team needs to do better at staying focused on the game. We could also improve on our aiming and positioning,” Gurung said.

The Rocket League team’s first regular season match is today.