AP Gov students to help eligible seniors register to vote


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

AP Gov students will be preparing presentations about the registration process.

Asmita Pokharel and Evelyn Esek

A group of senior AP Gov students will be visiting homerooms next week to help eligible students register to vote. 

Katie Temme, who teaches the course, came up with this idea last year as a civic engagement project and is introducing it again with some changes. 

“No other efforts to register students were being made at that point, so I thought this was a good way for my students to be engaged civically,” Temme said. 

One change is that Temme will be holding a meeting with homeroom teachers this week to share information about the project.

Students will be preparing presentations and will talk in senior homerooms about the registration process, including the importance of registering. Students will be provided with many ways to register, including physical papers.

“Monday through Thursday we will be going to homerooms and getting as many students registered as possible,” senior Audrey Work, one of the student volunteers, said. 

Temme, Work, and another volunteer, senior Sam Petrovich, all agree that voting is a vital part of a person’s civic duty and is essential for creating change.

“It is incredibly important since it is a civic duty of U.S. citizens to participate in their government,” Petrovich said. “Go register to vote. It’s really easy and will help create a political environment better suited for yourself.”

Temme agreed. 

“I believe, as an AP Gov teacher and a citizen, that voting is very important,” she said. “It is a part of our civic responsibility and how we can get our voices heard. Students registering to take part in this important responsibility is very important to me.”

Students can also register to vote by visiting the PA Voter Registration Website.