What to Binge Watch: These series feature empowered female characters


Photo via NBC

Good Girls is a series full of action and twists that will hook viewers.

Amanda Booth, Multimedia Editor

Running out of TV shows and movies to stream? The Purbalite is here to help, with another installment of our What to Binge Watch feature.

Strong female leads have become more prominent in the TV and film industries in recent years, and as a result, there are many binge-worthy shows featuring empowering women on streaming platforms. 

Good Girls is a series full of action and twists that will hook viewers. 

It features a group of three moms – Beth, Annie, and Ruby – who are struggling to make ends meet. Out of desperation, they rob a grocery store, which leads to even worse circumstances as they get mixed up with a gang. The women continue to act out their motherly duties as they cover up their secret life. 

Although it is full of crime, the show also contains many light-hearted moments and even displays the struggles of different family situations. 

The rebooted Dynasty is a show that features lots of drama and powerful characters striving for success.

This series has a strong female lead, Fallon Carrington, who has been trying to meet her father’s expectations her entire life. As the Carrington family faces the exposure of their dark truths, Fallon branches out from the family and creates her own dynasty.

The plot of the show is constantly going through changes, which makes for an interesting storyline. 

The older series Imposters is about Maddie, a successful con artist whose goal is to make rich men fall in love with her so she can take their money. Although she is successful, she no longer wants involvement – but is being forced to continue. 

Maddie works with two partners who act as family members to go along with the scheme. After the job is done, they switch their identities and locations. Throughout the series, she tries not to stumble in her tracks to avoid getting caught and jeopardizing her life. 

This show is full of many plot twists that make for an entertaining watch.