Moder moves on


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The girls tennis team plays in the fall sports season.

Kalonga Mwenda and Dibya Ghimirey

Junior Gabi Moder and senior Emma Overlingas competed in tennis section singles last week, with Moder advancing to WPIALs this Wednesday. 

“I am just happy that I made it because it was my goal. I am going to do the best I can,” Moder said. 

Both players gave a shout out to each other as they celebrated each other’s success in the game. 

“Gabi played great. She beat (athletes from) Thomas Jefferson and then Alderdice, but lost to Shady Side Academy. She played really well,” Overlingas said. 

Overlingas faced a tough match against an athlete from Oakland Catholic, and was pretty happy with her performance.

“It was a great game. I did well at keeping it pretty close,” Overlingas said. “I kept a clear head, knowing I had a chance to win despite knowing how good the school is.”

Overlingas said the match started getting challenging when her opponent pulled ahead halfway through. 

“It’s hard to get back into the `I can still win this” mindset,’ ” Overlingas said. 

Moder congratulated Overlingas on her performance.

“Emma tried to play her game consistently,” Moder said.