Big-city veterinarian has to find ways to cope in this `Small Town’


Photo via Netflix

This simple romantic comedy leaves the audience wanting more episodes.

Asmita Pokharel, Multimedia Editor

Netflix’s new K-drama series, Once Upon a Small Town , which was adapted from a web novel, follows the journey of a veterinarian from Seoul who is forced to relocate his practice to the countryside. 

Han Ji-yul, played by Choo Young Woo, rushes to the small town of Huidong when he receives an urgent call about his grandparents – only to find an empty house and a message to look after his grandpa’s veterinary practice until they return. 

Faced with misconceptions, overly friendly neighbors, and less-than-ideal work environments, Ji-yul has a tough time trying to fit into a place out of his comfort zone. 

Right at the beginning of the show, viewers meet the love interest, local police officer Ahn Ja-yeong, who is played by actress and singer Joy. She goes out of her way to get Ji-yul accustomed to the town, and viewers can see their relationship growing slowly as the plot progresses. 

This romantic comedy has a very simple and predictable plot compared to other new series that have twists and turns. But with a love triangle and forgotten pasts, this series has a timeless factor that will leave the audience eager to see more.