Nav’s new album provides worthless music


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Demons Protected by Angels, Nav’s fifth studio album, was released in September 2022.

Sam Tobiczyk, News Editor

Nav’s new album, Demons Protected By Angels, is not noticeably worse than his previous outings, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.

Navraj Singh Goraya, known by his stage name Nav, is often cited as one of the worst rappers currently making music. While everyone has their opinions, it’s almost common consensus that Nav is musically worthless.

His previous three studio albums all received negative reviews from most to all major music critics. His new LP isn’t any different.

Demons Protected By Angels has the same trite lyrics and lack of personality of every other song Nav has ever rapped on.

Take the opener: “Count on Me (Intro)” has possibly the most cliched lyrics of any of Nav’s songs. Every single line consists of something that has been said before, by hundreds of rappers and singers prior.

While the sentiment on this track isn’t necessarily without merit, it seems completely disingenuous. If Nav added any personality, any inflection to his delivery, it is possible this song could seem sincere. But instead, Nav seems as though he is reading these lyrics from a script he didn’t even write.

The production on these songs is fine. There isn’t anything overly remarkable about the beats, but they are normal trap beats that serve their purpose. If only Nav could actually use them well.

If Nav simply released an album of instrumental tracks, it would have more artistic integrity than the current LP. His lyrical presence diminishes the worth of the beats.

The only truly listenable parts of the record are the features. With a pretty star-studded cast of guest rappers, most of these features are decently okay to listen to.

It’s not like Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, or Future offered their best verses for the album, but anything is better than Nav’s grating, auto-tuned voice.

For anyone who is a fan of any of the myriad of guest MCs, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the feature. But as a whole, the time one would waste listening to this album as a whole is simply not worth it.