“Russian Doll” provides thoughtful science fiction


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Netflix TV Series Russian Doll was released in April 2022 for its 2nd season.

Kalonga Mwenda, Staff Writer

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Following a three-year hiatus, the 14-time Emmy nominated abstract comedy Russian Doll has returned with a second season that reminds viewers of what makes it so great.
Russian Doll is a television series about a woman named Nadia who’s stuck in a loop of cartoonish deaths but then wakes up each time in her friend’s apartment, where her 36th birthday party is being hosted.
Its first season is arguably one of the best pieces of television to air recently. The writing and production are great. The unexpected introduction of a secondary character, Alan, who’s also in the same predicament as Nadia, is done so well and smoothly in the first season. Leading up to the finale, the season’s denouement comes full circle perfectly.Ideas of time travel and resurrective immortality are not new to the big screen, but Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland, and Amy Poehler take it to the next level, especially in Season Two. Season One is a big target to outdo, but they manage to do it anyways. The attention to detail in each episode and the philosophical nature of both seasons truly makes viewers think.
Though the show is a thinker, it is not at all a dull or boring watch. The dynamic between the two main characters – Nadia, being the witty and loud-mouthed one, and Alan being a clumsy and meticulous character with insecurities that Nadia so obviously can see through – is hilarious.
Those who enjoy sci-fi will love this show.