Senior Farewell: Learn to embrace who you really are


Image by Purbalite staff

Purbalite seniors evaluate their fours years of high school at Baldwin .

Ethan Spozarski, Sports Editor

High school is a time when students find out what they are going to do in the future, who their true friends are, and … what they plan to post on their Instagram. 

But for me it has been more than that, since I knew what I have wanted to do with my life since seventh grade. 

For me, high school meant doing something that I have struggled to do my entire life: Being myself outside the four walls of my home. And what better way to do that than to be the school mascot? It involved wearing a kilt, running around with a plastic sword, and carrying a flag up and down the track. 

And my classmates accepted me for it. There were some people who stared, laughed, and made comments, but that is just one of the many aspects of life. There were many more people who just laughed along with me and helped make the experience so much better, helping all the anxiety and stress fade away. 

If there was advice I had to give to my freshman self, or any freshman for that matter, I would say two things. For starters, it is okay to lose the friends you walk into the high school with and that you will make new ones. And secondly, embrace yourself and your mistakes. 

Life is full of twists and turns that you will not expect or may not think you are ready to handle. But just know that everyone has these moments, and that you need to embrace and most importantly learn from them. While this is a basic thought, this mindset is a hard one to handle and accept. 

Meanwhile, this year I continued to send my sports broadcasting career in the right direction. 

I have done many Purbalite sports podcasts – with Josh Getzoff, the radio voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Jesse Marshall from the sports website The Athletic, and other great people. I also started my own personal sports podcast, Spittin’ Fax

I encourage everyone to chase their dreams and their fears. It is exhilarating when you accomplish things and are able to have those moments that last forever. And as I leave these halls, I hope I was able to make kids laugh and set an example that many in the future can follow.